Monday, November 1, 2010

Design Wall Monday, November 1

Oh my goodness!  Can you believe it's November?!?!

On my design wall this morning is not mine!  It's a quilt that my 10 year old is making.  Do you recognize the pattern?

You're right, it's the Disappearing 9-Patch! Gotta love those little blocks.

Liv is using up some of Mom's stash...WooHoo!  This little quilt is from the 12 Days of Christmas line.

I LOVE Moda, don't you?

As for me, I've finished the third Twister Quilt.  This will be top number four in my project to use up fabric I don't JUST LOVE.  Doing pretty well, I think.

I also just found out that Bonnie Hunter is doing another mystery quilt.  Heaven help me!  I don't need another project (I can HEAR you laughing, Jolene!), but I just can't help myself where it comes to Bonnie!

Anyway, make sure you all pop over to Judy's to see everyone else's wonderful design walls.


Denise :) said...

Whew! It took a little bit to get here from Judy's page (it looks like your link was pasted inside an old link of yours), but it was so worth it! Your daughter's little quilt is darling! Have fun playing this week! :)

Teaquilts said...

It's great that your daughter is interested in sewing/quilting. Have fun with her.

Gari said...

Daughter's quilt is beautiful and she did great work. I love the D9P pattern: it is the only one I have used several times. And I know what you mean about Bonnie's work. But I just can't seem to finish her's. It's the little pieces that get me and I fall behind and it goes in a box (I have two already). But I will probably try this one anyway: sucker for punishment. :-(

Chris said...

I saw the Bonnie Hunter mystery too and can't wait. Heck, I am not even caught up on my Hazel's Diary QAL. Where does the time go??

Isn't it exciting to share quilting with one of your girls? I have gotten two of mine started.

AnnieO said...

Cute DP quilt! How sweet that your 10 year old is with you on the quilting scene. I have a couple of charm packs of that line but no plan for them yet.

I too am really tempted by Bonnie's mystery, but may simply download the steps as they come out because I have way too many UFOs and just started two new quilts with a third brand new one begging to be started :)

Nina-Marie said...

wow - great way to get your 10 yr old going - I tried that but she'd rather draw manga! Sighhhh At least she's not doing woodworking with her daddy!! She's doing a great job so far!

kwiltnkats said...

BonnieH has me hooked. I'll be in my stash as soon as I get home looking for greens, pinks, browns and probably have to take advantage of the "legal purchase of backgrounds". Making her huge scrappy quilts has really depleted my neutrals--but that of course is a good thing!

Quilter Kathy said...

How wonderful that your 10 yr. old is interested in quilting! What a cute project!

Kate said...

The disappering 9 patch looks great, love how the bright colors. I'm debating about doing Bonnie's mystery. I don't have any brown, so I'd have to change the color scheme. Not sure I'm brave enough to try that!


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