Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Goals

I'm already thinking about 2011 and the quilty goals that I'll have for that year.

The first goal I have added is to become more proficient at appliqué and embroidery.

I have this AWESOME appliqué quilt that I want to make.  I didn't get started on it this year, but I'm going to finish it in 2011.

Also, I have a paper pieced quilt that my best friend and I are going to do in 2011.

Have you thought about goals for next year?  After all, November's halfway gone!  :-)


Alycia said...

Nope - haven't started thinking about 2011 yet - but I love your christmas tree skirt idea!!!

Helen in Switzerland said...

Oh Noooo.....thinking about 2011 means that I would also have to start thinking about Christmas.....and I just don't want to go there quite yet!!


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