Sunday, November 14, 2010

Stash Report -- November 14

Yeah!  Finally able to put down a little stash busted.

First of all, I've completed my goal of finishing seven quilt tops to send to Alycia for QOV (Quilts of Valor).  (Read how I discovered that starch is my friend while completing this last leg of my goal.)

I had counted some of that last week, but I get to count another 12.5 yards this week.  (I'm also sending some lengths of fabric for backings and bindings.)

I've busted a little stash in my Quilter's Academy Project.  Making up the practice squares eats up quite a bit of fabric!  I've busted 2.4 yards so far there.

I've also busted little bits of fabric for small projects like Block Lotto, and Christmas presents.  That's another 0.75 yards.

But, I bought a little fabric for Christmas presents...3 2/3 yards.

So, here are my numbers...
Fabric in: 3.66 yards
Fabric out: 15.65 yards
Total fabric in: 40.08
Total fabric out: 85.93
Fabric used: 45.85
Getting closer to that net 100 yards out!  Getting closer to that goal of only having fabric that I LOVE!

Make sure you visit Judy to find out what everyone else has done this week.  I suspect that we'll start to see some stash busted since everyone is getting focused on Christmas presents now.

PS:  This is my 200th Post!  Remember when I posted my 100th post?  That was only in August!  I guess I've been VERY verbose lately!


SpinningStar said...

Congrats on the good stash report and the 200th post - you'll be getting to 300 soon enough!

I've ordered the Quilter's Academy book from the library - I'm interested to see what it involves!


Kathie said...

great you used so much. You are right, it is great to turn over all the older fabrics. I am still working on that but so nice to use up some of the not so favorites!!

Jennifer said...

Wow - great job busting and getting so many QOVs done!

Kate said...

Way to go on meeting your goal on the QOV. Great stash report, every little bit moves us in the right direction! Congratulations on your 200th post!!!!

Jo said...

Congrats on all the QOV. Great job....I just did one this year.

Jo said...

Congrats on all the QOV. Great job....I just did one this year.

Judy Laquidara said...

Good job on getting those quilts to Alycia! You're surely going to meet your goal for fabric used.

Lori said...

chuckling at your week. Losing blocks. Yup, done that. Right now I have a design wall (its that foam insulation board on one wall in my sewing room) and I just use a big T pin to stick groups of blocks on the wall. My quilt friend lives a long ways away-sigh. But we talk almost every day, and computers make great ways to "look" at things together. Are you ready to swap some bricks or other sizes? Hope you like pink--my stash had a large piece of that added. I have been using odd bits of fabric to make sample blocks I am saving for a quilt. Its FUN to do that. I am looking forward to Christmas. I have plans to make some presents this year. Other than Mason--no presents to buy.

katie z. said...

You're doing great!

Barb in Mi said...

Impressive numbers! Good for you! As for starch - I have yet to use it... any brand recommendation from your end?


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