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Once upon a time, there was a girl who LOVED quilts. Her grandma taught her to love them and also taught her about making quilts...back before rotary cutters.

Then, life happened, and that girl went to college...and then, went to medical school, graduated, and then started traveling all over the midwest working short-term jobs. She loved her life, but there was no way to indulge in her love of quilts because she was living out of her car and in motel rooms.

She met her hubby and settled down in North Dakota. She still loved quilts, but she was commuting 160 miles round-trip to work, so there wasn't a lot of time to sew. Finally, she rented a house close to work, so she lived in two houses. She and her hubby proceeded to have four children in rapid succession and life was REALLY hectic.

During those years, she kept buying fabric because she kept thinking that ONE DAY...

Well...one day FINALLY happened.

Now, that girl lives at home with her four wonderful children. Now, even though life is hectic, that girl has time to quilt. Now, that girl has MOUNDS and MOUNDS and MOUNDS of fabric.

I'm starting this blog to chronicle my attempts at busting my stash. Follow me, and see how I do!



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