Sunday, November 7, 2010

Stash Report -- November 7

Did you all set your clocks back this morning?  If not, you're not as late as you think you are, he he.

My Blogiversary was this week, so be sure and enter my giveaway.  You can see all the prizes here.

Yesterday and today, I'm in a class with Harriet Hargrave!  Definitely one of my heroes because she does all her quilting on a DSM (domestic sewing machine) and so do I.  She BLEW MY MIND yesterday in class, and I can't wait to see how today goes.  I can't wait to blog all about it.

Have you ever had the experience when something that you love so much has been opened up to you in a whole new way?  I don't even have the words to express what I'm feeling about quilting right now.  It's amazing and confusing and and and...I just don't have the words!

Well, the good news is, nothing in.  YEAH!  The even better news is I finished another top for Alycia so that used up 3.75 yards of scraps.  I may actually be putting on a border since it's a little smaller.

I have one more Twister to finish for her.  I was hoping to get that done before Friday, but obviously that didn't happen, lol.  My next goal is to finish it so I can send it off in the mail sometime next week...maybe Tuesday.

Fabric in: 0 yards
Fabric out: 3.75 yards
Total fabric in: 36.42
Total fabric out: 70.28
Fabric used: 33.86

I'm creeping up on that goal of 100 yards used, lol.  I have several Christmas presents to make, but I'm going to be buying fabric to make it.  I'm making some Minky pillow cases for my family members.  I've heard they're heavenly to sleep on!

Make sure and visit Judy to see how much stash everyone else busted this week!


pdudgeon said...

ok, i'm stumped---what is a DSM?
so glad that you're loving your class.

katie z. said...

You're doing great!

Kate said...

Glad your class has been such fun for you. Moving in the right direction on the stash busting.

SpinningStar said...

Doing great on the stashbusting and I'm assuming that DSM = domestic sewing machine or not a long arm sewing machine, right?

Hope you learned lots in the class!


Kare said...

Now that you are so stoked about quilting on your DSM, perhaps you will reach your 100 yards out with backings. Good luck!

Michelle said...

Good job!!! Have a wonderful, fun, memorable day!

Kathie said...

class sounds fun, enjoy.

Barb in Mi said...

You will make it to 100yrds! And enjoy your class!


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