Saturday, November 6, 2010

Guess Where I'm Going

I'm going to Heirloom Machine Quilting workshop by Harriet Hargrave!  Don't you wish you were coming with me?

Hope you all have a quilty day.  I know that I will.


Bluzbrod said...

Oh, lucky you! I was lucky enough to attend the class a few years ago, and it was worth my time and money. I'd love to take a "refresher" course, she gives so much great info.

Sara said...

I really do wish I was coming with you! I'm just starting to machine quilt and could definitely benefit from her knowledge and experience! Have a great day!

Melissa Stramel said...

Happy blogaversary and have fun today!

Michelle said...

Have a GREAT day!

Amy said...

Sigh! Yes, we so wish. Enjoy. We look forward to hearing about your workshop.

sophie said...

I do wish I could come with you, I really do.

My day was pretty quilty, though, if a little bit crazy. I went on the Austin Guild's one day bus trip to the Houston show ;-)

QuiltSue said...

Lucky you. I'd love to do that. I have her book which is great but it's not quite the same is it? Enjoy it and come back and tell us all about it.


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