Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I've made quite a bit of progress on the Java Jive quilt.

I'm still loving it!

Sewing the rows together is proving to be a challenge, though.  There are so many seams coming together that it's a little difficult to get them to lay flat.

BUT, I've just been soaking the seams with my homemade Best Press and pressing the heck out of them.  I'm not really trying to get them to lie any certain way, just so it lies flat.

I know that when I quilt it, there will be lumps to quilt over, but I think it will still be okay.

I'm thinking I'll quilt it with an all over quilt design and use a really bright variegated thread like I used in Joey's Brown Bear Quilt.

On the home front, I had given the kids the day off from school yesterday...mostly because I wanted to sew, lol...but they were back at it today.

And, my Sophi found a frog.

She's not skittish when it comes to frogs and salamanders and other such slimy creepy crawly things.

Don't Kiss Him, Sophi!

Hope you all had a quilty day.


LesQuilts said...

Hi Tamara!
Why don't you try using black sashing and black (or another colour) cornerstones?
You won't be able to tell with all the black, but it would help to reduce the bulk.
Take care, Leslie

Alycia said...

Oh I love that Java Jive too!! That is my kind of quilt!!


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