Thursday, September 16, 2010


I don't really talk so much about homeschooling and how I raise my kids, but I've run across several quilting blogs that are written by homeschool moms lately, so it's been on my mind that my readers may enjoy seeing more about that area of my life.

And, of course, this will actually apply to any mom who gives their kids an allowance.

An allowance is a foreign concept to me, to be honest.  We didn't have allowance in our house growing up.  Dana didn't either.  Our parents just paid for stuff, I guess.  Consequently, at least for me, I didn't have a good understanding of money when I left home.

So, as we all do, I determined that this was a short coming I wouldn't pass that on to the next generation, lol.

But, I haven't been very successful as yet because I never had cash around the house when it was time to give the kids their allowance.  Plus, I'm REALLY disorganized, so if I did write down how much they have in their "allowance" account, I would lose it anyway.

I thought about making an Excel spreadsheet or something, but I never did it.

Then, I found out about something online.  I don't know how long it's been around, but we've been playing around with it for the last few days, and I think it's going to be a great fit for us.

It's called Family Mint.  It's designed to teach kids how to manage and save their money, etc.

I'm not a paid spokesman or anything, lol, just thought that maybe some of you might like to pop over and check it out.

On the quilty front, my two older girls are out with Daddy this morning driving the pickup for him while he picks up bales...I know, I know...they're only 10 and eight.  Kids learn to drive early on some farms.  I did, my hubby did, so, our kids are.

It's just me and the two little ones this morning, so I may get some quilting done since I won't have school questions every few minutes, lol. (PS That's one of the many great things about homeschooling, a day with Daddy is considered school.)

Hope you all have a quilty day!

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