Thursday, September 30, 2010

First Class

Well, I taught my first beginner's quilting class last night!  It was A BLAST!

I had seven students (eight with my daughter).  One of them hadn't really sewn much before last night and several of them had never made a quilt.  I'm SO excited to infect them with Quilting Pox, lol.

I gave a lecture about the basics and it lasted 90 minutes!  Good grief!

But, then we sewed together some 1 1/2" strips and picked out which project they were going to do.  I cut out the blocks for them, so each of them chose 3 or 4 blocks (depending on which project they are doing).  Did I mention I had a LOT of fun?

So, next week, we will be putting the blocks together.

I'll try and get some pics on a little posts have had a noticeable paucity of pictures as of late!

Right now, I have to take a love-sick eight year old to see her "boyfriend."  We keep in contact with another homeschool family that lives in the country on the other side of Bismarck and my Sophia and her Boen are "sweethearts."

Both mothers think it would be so weird if they actually did get married someday, but for right now, we think it's cute.

I LOVE having other homeschool families to spend time with.  It helps to share the load with others.

Hope you all have a quilty day!  I'll be visiting with "my daughter's future mother-in-law" as my hubby calls her, lol.


Kathryn said...

Good to hear that your class was a success. I started sewing at about age 9, with instruction both from my mother and the local 4H group. What a great skill to have. By the way, I see that you and I are winners in the Block Lotto this month. Lucky us. Kathie L in Allentown (also a niblets friend).

LesQuilts said...

Hi Tamera!
so what will the wedding quilt look like! LOL, OL, OL
Take care, Leslie

Tamera said...

LOL, Leslie!

I guess I'd better start planning it, he he he.


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