Saturday, September 4, 2010

More Progress & It's Finally Here!

I finished the last bit of quilting on Free's Quilt last night...

This is what I did with the border.  It's....well, it's finished.

Also, I worked on Piecing Hazel's Diary Quilt.  I finished the first two blocks, which is exciting!  This qualifies as my quilt that is outside my comfort zone (one of my goals for the year) as it is a star quilt.  I don't really care for stars that much because they're too complicated for me, lol, so I've decided that this qualifies.


I had ordered Cheryl Ann's Design Wall and it came yesterday.  I'm SO excited to finally have a design wall.

I ordered the biggest one (because I NEVER do ANYTHING halfway) and it's REALLY big, lol.  I was shocked when Olivia and I put it up, but it's just fine now that it has settled into its surroundings.

Also, I just wanted to put up a quick picture of my orphan block quilt.  It's coming along and I think it's going to be cute!

Hope you have a quilty day!  Are you all going to quilt a lot this weekend?

1 comment:

Brittainy Barnes said...

Great progress! I'm visiting my grandmother this weekend (whom I cought the quilting bug from) and I'll most likely do a lot of stash-stealing :)


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