Wednesday, September 15, 2010

We Interrupt This Month of UFO Busting For an Important Distraction...

I'll be teaching my first Beginner's Quilting class starting later this month, so I need to focus on that for the next few weeks.  I'm thinking that I won't be able to finish all the UFOs that I had purposed to finish, but I've sure made a nice dent!

I cannot make up my mind how large I want to make this table runner.  This is a 9" finished block.

It seems a little clunky to me, but I'm afraid if I go smaller (like 6" finished), it might be too fiddly for beginners.  I thought about splitting the difference.  Maybe I'll make up a block that size today and see how it seems.

Last week for QA Report(Quilters Accountability Report), I had some lofty goals.

I wanted to get Java Jive basted and one of the 1930s quilts quilted.

Well, I did get Java Jive pieced and the back pieced as well...didn't get it basted.  I didn't get any quilting done this week.  But I did get my Niblet blocks off (which was another goal).

This week, I'm going to focus on making sure I'm ready for class on the 29th.  If I get anything else done, it will be a bonus.

What are you all planning for today.  Check out Bari's blog and see how everyone else did on their goals for the week.


Alycia said...

Very cool leave block. I think 9 inch would be a great size. And congrats on getting the niblets off - I think that might be a big task.

Anonymous said...

The leaves look awesome. 6" might be too small, but I dont' know what size you want your finished runner.

Sounds like you did get a lot done, just not as much as you wanted. My DH always laughs at me because I never get everything done on my lists.....I tell him if I don't think big I don't even get as much done as I did!

I think planning for your class will be enough for a bit. Wow, that is awesome that you are teaching! Enjoy it!



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