Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Bismarck Day

If it's fall, it must be time for a schedule change.

All summer, we were footloose and fancy free.

Now, it's September, and that means that public school starts and so do lessons/Tae Kwon Do/Bismarck DAY!

Olivia and I take violin lessons and Olivia also takes piano lessons in Bismarck and our lessons are scheduled on Tuesdays, so we end up doing all the errands, etc on that day.

I took my best friend's Pfaff in for it's annual cleaning.  (WOW!  That's expensive!)  She's going to be in my class tomorrow night.  I AM SOOOOOO EXCITED!

We also picked up our four wheeler and ran various other errands.  Dana went with me which, of course, doesn't happen that often.  He's usually busy with farm work, but decided to take today off.

Anyway...I'll stop now.  I suppose I could ramble on for several more paragraphs, lol.

Hope you had a quilty day.

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