Sunday, September 19, 2010

Stash Report -- September 19

I got a lot of sewing done this week, but not any finishes except for my Niblets exchange.  That was 2 yards of fabric used.

I also bought 8 2/3 yards of fabric specifically for my beginning quilters class.  I'm going to be teaching the Maple Leaf Block and I'm going to have each block cut for them in a little baggie and let them pick out three or four depending on whether they want a table runner or a wall hanging.

Here's the layout for a wall hanging along with a few of the other blocks I've already made up.  I thought if I stacked three blocks vertically and put on a smaller border it would look cool as a long skinny table runner.

And, I'm still not feeling well this morning, but I did get lots of rest yesterday, so that's a good thing, I think.

One last thing before we get to my totals.

I am so happy with the fact that I'm not buying fabric.  I do get regular fabric love from the Fat Quarter Shop (I belong to a couple of clubs), but other than that, I haven't bought any fabric that didn't have a specific purpose for a LONG time.  And it feels good.  Being online helps me to focus on what I'm doing when I 'm looking at that fabric online and just about to hit the "buy" button.  Thanks for keeping me accountable, girls!

On to my totals...

Fabric In: 8.67 yards
Fabric Out: 2 yards
Total Fabric In: 16.17 yards
Total Fabric Out: 30.25 yards
Total Fabric Used: 14.08 yards

Make sure and visit Judy and find out how everyone else is doing.


pdudgeon said...

i love maple Leaf blocks! they just say "Fall" to me.

katie z. said...

The maple leaves look like fun!

Kathie said...

funny my friend is getting ready to teach the same class. Love the colors of your leaves.

Kate said...

Very pretty leaves. Love the colors.

Michelle said...

If the beginning quilting class is the first time quilting for your students, you will be opening up a whole wide world for them. Who would have thought that 10+ years ago, when I agreed to let my best friend show a group of us from work, and a few other friends how to make a quilt that she had previously taken a class for, that all of us would form a little monthly group, and become fast, heartfelt friends.

Hope you are feeling better and that your class is a hit.
Be blessed!

Judy Laquidara said...

Your leaf wall hanging is so cute and just in time for Fall. That should be inspiration for beginning quilters. You're doing good with your controlled buying! And, thank you for making the rounds each week and posting on other stash reports. I almost always see a comment from you.

Charlene S said...

I love the maple leaf blocks. I took a class on making these but never did make the quilt. They were just too scrappy for me. But I love yours so maybe I will give these another try.

Barb in Mi said...

Looking good - and your leaf blocks do shout out for fall! Hope you feel better!

Cora Beth said...

What pretty leaves!!!

I hope you'll be back to healthy in very short order. :)

SpinningStar said...

Wonderful image of fall!

Some bug seems to be going around - first Brenda, now you.... Hope it is not catching!!

Take care of yourself - too many quilts to make!


Lori said...

yes, the stash report really make you THINK before you buy. It's a great help.


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