Monday, September 6, 2010

Design Wall Monday, September 6

On my design wall this morning is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

First of all, I would like to point out the fact that I actually have a design wall now, lol.  I'm really excited about that, he he he. Then, I'll tell you what's on it.

Starting on the left, I have three big chunks of my orphan block quilt in progress.

The two blue and yellow stars are the first two blocks of my Hazel's Diary Quilt.  Next to it, you can see a little block from my Hummingbird Quilt that I started when I took the class with Darlene Zimmerman.  And, do you see those little blocks with the coffee cups?  That's another UFO that I found last night.  They're from a quilt called Spill the Beans which I went gaga over at one time.  I bought TONS of fabric from the line and I was going to make...I don't know...a gazillion quilts with it?  Good grief.

SO, I've decided that since I have SO much extra fabric from that line, I'm going to design my own quilt from it.  I have an idea what I'm going to do and I hope to work on it today.

It should be a perfect sewing day.  It's Labor Day and it's supposed to be chilly and rainy.

Hope you all have a quilty day and don't forget to visit Judy to see what everyone else is planning to be up to this week.


Michelle said...

Enjoy your day! Your quilt blocks look great. I'm not quite sure what today is going to be like yet. I have been enjoying the cooler weather though.

Jo said...

Hey...I just discovered your Hazel's Diary blocks and the whole website. looks like fun. I SO wish I would have known about this way back when it started. I am contemplating starting in now in September. I have no time but I LOVE the concept and I love historical things. How long have you been doing it? Any advice or info that would help?

Nina-Marie said...

A big round of applause for the design wall - I'm sure it will be a big help! How is Darlene to take a class from???

Kathie said...

Hey congrats on actually getting a design wall, makes things so much easier.

Diane said...

what a great design wall-they are the best helps (I think).
I checked out the Hazel's Dairy site-too cool.
I'm right with you on going gaga over a fabric line and then later--what the heck was I thinking.

Barb in Mi said...

Wohooo, a REAL design wall - I am jealous! Lots of neat projects on it, too. Happy sewing!

QuiltSwissy said...

yeah for the design wall! Love the coffee cups. You should have a raffle with the leftovers. Or make some things for the kitchen and get a set of cups and pots from the vintage shop and you have a neat christmas present.


Teaquilts said...

Tamera I was so busy Labor Day that I didn't even get a chance to log on to the computer. Love your project on the design wall and am looking forward to seeing how you use the coffee fabrics in another project.

Susan said...

You have several interesting projects going on. I especially like the pink and green fabrics.

Quilter Kathy said...

Lots of fun projects on your new design wall!


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