Monday, November 30, 2009

Design Wall Monday

Well, we had our Thanksgiving meal on Sunday and it was wonderful. The kids had a BLAST!

We watched football all afternoon (and into the night!) and did our normal Sunday stuff.

I worked on getting borders on one of my 1930s 4 Patch quilts.

I made these two quilts from Mary's patterns: Easy Double 4 Patch, and Double 4 Patch. It's funny, you can't really tell them apart except that I know they're different, so I know the secret is that there are two slightly different set of blocks in them.

Easy Double 4 Patch

Double 4 Patch

Now that I have the borders on one, I'm going to try and get borders on the other and then one of them will be quilted for my daughter. I think the other will go to charity.


jlgoinggreen said...

Hey Tamera,
I've missed you. These are beautiful! Great work!


Myra said...

A lovely creation! Very nice! 8-)


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