Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Not Able to Comment

Has anyone else had the problem of not being able to comment on some other blogspot blogs????? It's SO frustrating, because I would LOVE to comment on every blog that I stop at, but for some reason, I'm not able to comment on the blogs that have the comments at the end instead of as full page or a pop-up window.

I FINALLY figured it out in my blog. I couldn't even comment on MY OWN BLOG and thank you all for YOUR wonderful comments.

But, I changed the setting, and now I can. I'm hoping to maybe email some of the blogs that I visit regularly that I cannot comment on and maybe ask them to change so I can comment to my heart's content, lol. Heaven knows, if there's one thing I'm not short on, it's opinions...I have LOTS to comment about, lol.

Have a quilty day!


That problem seems to have been fixed. It was evidently a glitch with BlogSpot which they knew about when I actually sat down and researched it. I haven't come across a blog lately that I cannot comment on.


The Calico Cat said...

I have the same problem - I have been told that it has something to do with my computer... The only fix that I - we - can do it hope that the other blogger changes their comment format. AKA not much that we can do. Although I have been know to look at the profile to find an e-mail address if I really had something to say & the time to go through all of those hoops.

Tamera said...

It's sad because I REALLY love commenting on people's blogs.


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