Sunday, November 22, 2009

Violin Recital and Burning Bridges

First of all, the recital is OVER! It was fun, stressful, scary, etc.

Now, I can focus on Thanksgiving and other things!

A few pictures...with the caveat that my hubby--while I LOVE him dearly--is NOT a very good photographer.

First of all, my motley crew: Josiah, Sophia, Mariah, and Olivia. Obviously not sitting in birth order, lol .

Here are some pictures of the recital yesterday. Olivia was the very first performer with her violin solo. She was disappointed that she made a few bobbles, but I think she did well. Doesn't she look so brave up there?

After a few performers, Olivia and I did a duet together. That was REALLY fun.

Then, Olivia had her piano solo. She had taken lessons for a few months last year, and then we just started lessons again with Kristi (our violin teacher) a few weeks ago. Kristi didn't really expect Olivia to do a piano solo, but Olivia wanted to. It made me SO proud of her! She's so courageous and uninhibited. I LOVE that about her.

Finally, I was one of the last performers with my violin solo. (I always forget how heavy I am until I see a picture, lol.)

So, what about the "burning bridges?" you may ask.

Well, Friday evening, I got out a few quilts that only needed the binding sewn on. One of them was actually a quilt that I had sewn down the corners of, so it only needed the sides finished! BUT, what should I find on closer inspection?

GASP!!!! HORRORS!!!! Is there ANYTHING worse than realizing that you have a WHOLE LOT MORE WORK to do on a quilt that you had in your mind you could finish up in a jiffy?????

So, I let it sit for a you're supposed to do when you find that kind of a mistake. And, this morning, I started working on it again...and decided...that I just needed to take the binding off, reposition it, and do it all over again. But, I was tempted to just take off a little section at a time, reposition and then sew it. BUT, I got to thinking that if I did that, I might get to the end and not have enough binding because of all the wrestling with it. SO....

I cut the binding. That way, I won't be tempted to "go back" to my original thought, take it off a little at a time, and then hope it all comes out in the end.

And while I was taking pictures, I noticed my beautiful wedding rings and thought I would put a picture of them here for you.

Here's hoping you have a quilty day!

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