Friday, November 13, 2009

Carolina Crossroads

Well, I got my Carolina Crossroads quilt out a couple days ago and started working on it again. I had forgotten how pretty it's going to be!

I'm making this quilt for my sister who loves purple. It's made from Civil War Repro fabrics. I would love to finish it by Christmas.

It's from a pattern by Bonnie Hunter. She's an amazing quilter who does all scrap quilts. Carolina Crossroads was a mystery quilt. She'll be putting it in her next book, so if you like the pattern, watch for her book. I'm not sure when it's coming out.

If you like her style, she has another mystery quilt starting soon, so pop on over for the fabric requirements and quilt along with us. It starts the day after Thanksgiving.

Here's another picture of this pretty quilt:

I've only finished one little corner, so that's why the picture's so close up, lol. Soon, I'll be able to show more of the overall effect.


sao said...

I love the colors - I think Carolina Crossroads is one of my FAVORITE of Bonnie's Mysteries. Are you going to do the Carolina Christmas?
sao in Midlothian, VA

Molly said...

It's absolutely beautiful! Carolina Crossroads is one I haven't had the nerve to try, though I love it. I did Bonnie's Double Delight and I'm planning to do her Carolina Christmas.
Love the civil war repros!

Tamera said...

Sao, I am planning on doing the Christmas mystery quilt, but I haven't decided on the colorway. Have you picked out your colors yet?

And, Molly...yes I LOVE the Civil War repros! I have a WHOLE tub of them, lol. Even though this quilt was ALL from stash (I think I'll even be able to get the backing from stash), I STILL have a ton, lol.

Gloria Bruce said...

Hi Tamera, I too love your color choices and has got me eyeing my stash looking to see what I have that would work. I love how it has a nuetral look and would go with many home decors without clashing. I am a Bonnie fan and plan to do her next mystery too. Gloria Bruce Winston Salem NC


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