Monday, February 14, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 2/14/11 and Giveaway Winners!

Good morning, Ladies!

On my design wall this morning is my Shangri-La quilt...still.

I was hoping to get the borders on, but I just didn't feel like sewing this weekend...GRRR!

Anyway, hopefully today.  I'm going with the blue border.  Thanks everyone for all your help.  My girls still think I should use the red, but I've decided I'm looking for less of a statement, lol.

And now, to the giveaway winners!

So far, I have three boxes stuffed with fabric, so I drew three winners on  I know this is supposed to be random, but geesh!  The winners were 38, 39, and 32.  That was weird.

The first winner is my mom!  YEAH, MOM!  How funny is that?  She entered last night.  My mom just started quilting, so this will be a stash builder for her and I'm SO excited.

gracie said...38
Hello, your mother again. I would like to enter just to see how my luck goes. I would love having a box of fabric to sew up. Love ya Mom

The second winner is Chris from Chris the Quilter.

christhequilter said...39

some for me, and some for the guild charity quilts!!

please add me to the draw

....and don't forget to subtract the yardage in your stash report!! :)
The third winner is Kris from Farm Girl Transplanted.  I've just recently discovered her blog and I LOVE it!
krisgray said...32
Great idea to destash. I would love to pay it forward. I have mags and patterns that I would like to pass on, too.
Congratulations to everyone.  I'll be sending you an email directly.

I may very well have another giveaway when I get through the rest of my fabric...and Chris...this will be going on my stash report next week, lol.

Thanks everyone for playing!

Make sure you check out everyone else's design wall at Judy's blog.  There's always some tasty eye candy.

And, Happy Valentine's Day!


Stray Stitches said...

Congratulations to all three winners! Thank you for having such a fun giveaway!

Jo said...

Sometimes it is nice to take the weekend off. For some reason, borders just SLOW me down. I've started doing very few border....I'd rather piece more blocks!?? unless of course it's one of Judy L's quilts.

Julie Kaye from KS said...

Sometimes you just have to do something besides quilt. And sometimes when your torn between the red and blue its easier not to sew until your mind IS MADE UP. The blue will look great.

Vicki said...

Very pretty quilt. I have such a border procrastination problem and I am having issues with a mitered border on my current quilt.

love the blue fabric myself.

Morah said...

I understand completely the "don't feel like sewing blues" yet "feel so guilty that I don't feel like sewing," It's ok. It passes.Sometimes fast, sometimes slow but it gows away!

Connie said...

I like the subtle look of the blue for your border, the red would be beautiful too. Congrats to your mom being one of the winners of your giveaway!

Diane said...

I like the soft look of the blue border-great quilt.

Judy D said...

I love this quilt and think the blue is the perfect border choice. ;) There is nothing wrong with taking a sewing break. Sometimes it's necessary to recharge.

Just Another Quilter said...

Love this quilt. Striipes can do so much for a quilt. I always say let the fabric do the work. What are you going to use for binding?

Cherie in St Louis said...

Tamera, what fun that your mother won a box :) I hope you get to see some of the projects your fabrics are used to make. I'm busy putting together an IBOL box which is serving the same purpose for me. A guilt free way to de-stash :) I'm glad you settled on the blue border as I think it will let the wonderful striped fabric be the main actor :)

krisgray said...

Lovely quilt! Time off can be very therapeutic. I spent a good bit of time re-reading Pride & Prejudice this weekend. Just needed a little quiet time after being snowed in for so long.

Kathie said...

Very lovely quilt.

Kari Nitzel said...

I agree with you on the blue border, it calms it down. Taking a break regenerates the soul, grab a book or cook something up or take a long relaxing soak.

Gail said...

Lovely soft colors with just that bit of red sparkle. I think the blue will be terrific. Great design, what pattern is it?

Alycia said...

Very cool - Go MOM!!!
Good luck getting your borders on. The blue will be beautiful!

Barb in Mi said...

Shangri La looks beautiful - and will get done when you are ready!

AnnieO said...

The quilt looks beautiful. I agree, sometimes a quiet border is what is called for--I just did!

I missed this giveaway but my groaning storage can't really accept any more just now :) Love your mom's comment...sounds just like something my mom would say too!

Kate said...

I like the blue too. Beautiful quilt. How cool that your mom won the stash give away. Looking forward to seeing your numbers on the stash report next weekend. Hope your sewing mojo kicks in this week!

Barb said...

Love your quilt....congrats to the winners!!


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