Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Quilter's Accountability Report - 2/16/11

Not much to report this week...again!

Here's my list from last week, and I did work on the Monochromatic quilt a little bit.  I also got two of the borders on my Shangri-La quilt.  I have decided to put a third, larger border on and call it finished.

I also had a giveaway this week in which I cleaned out a bunch of fabric that I no longer wanted to work with and it's winging its way to three houses as we speak!

So, here's the list...again...with a few things added for good measure, lol.
  1. Baste the quilts that I have finished
  2. Finish block for Block Swap Adventure
  3. Finish blocks for A Dozen Quilters
  4. Work on UFO challenge and Monochromatic quilt
  5. Finish last border for Shangri-La quilt.
  6. Block 8 and 9 for Layer Cake Quilt Along
I'm going to a quilt retreat this week end.  I haven't decided what to take to work on.
I've never been to a quilt retreat, so this should be fun.

Make sure you check out Bari's blog to see how everyone else did this week!


Barb said...

Have fun at the retreat....looks like you got alot accomplished!

Stray Stitches said...

You were able to get quite alot accomplished. Good job! Have fun at retreat. You know we expect a full report next week - lol!

krisgray said...

Oh-I like this accountability report, not run into it b4. Hhmm...will check it out.

Have fun at retreat. One thing many of us at our last retreat agreed upon - don't bring anything too complicated. Between possible lack of sleep and all the talking and sharing, we were all easily distracted. That said, it sure is fun to see tops being finished.

Ann Marie said...

Have a blast at your quilt retreat, and bring plenty of things to sew, sew, sew!

Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

I think you got a lot done..Have fun on the retreat.

crossroadsquilts said...

I think you got a lot done even though you might not be able to put them on your "official" report (do we actually have official reports, or is this just to aid us in getting more done?).

I love your Shangri-la quilt - the borders are perfect for it and I do like the blue and would have probably gone with it also. But, boy howdy, is that red luscious!

That is so cool that your mom won some of your giveaway fabric! That is also a wonderful way to move some uninspiring, weighing-you-down-fabric and pass it on to someone else.

Is it spring cleaning sickness or something because I did a little of the same in cleaning out my sewing room some. We will need to consolidate my sewing stuff and all the hunting stuff in to one room here before long (don't ask me how that is going to work!) so I was cleaning out some today. I gave a bunch of fabric that had been gifted to me to a local mission.

Anyway, I am envious of your retreat time! What fun will that be!

Have a great time and let us know what you are up to!



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