Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Nursery Went From One to Five

Our baby goat nursery went from one to five in one day!

Yesterday, two does kidded.  One had a singleton and the other had triplets.

The singleton was born right before we left for our second meeting of Stichin' Sisters, and the triplets were born while we were gone!  My Sophia stepped in and took care of the triplets, and I'm SO proud of her!

We finally got our blue-eyed goat kid!

This is just a teaser because I don't have pictures yet.  I just thought I would let you all know since my daughter just came in a woke me up complaining that she couldn't get them all to sleep!  They've been up and crying since 2 am, but now we got everyone fed and they're all settled in.

I'll take a few pictures in a couple of hours when they all wake up again...including the two foster mommies, lol.


Anna said...

oh I love goats!! pics please!!!

Stray Stitches said...

How fun! Are triplets a normal occurance in goats? Can't wait to see the little darlings!!

Darcie said...

Wow! Quite an increase...good for you! The next few days will be lots of work getting them settled, but what a rewarding experience. I cannot wait to see pictures!

Ann Marie said...

Can't wait to see the pics, I hope they all have a warm place to stay till it warms up outside.


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