Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Wheels on the Bus

My daughter and I had SOOOOOO much fun yesterday on our Fall Fudge Quilting Fun Bus Tour.

We left from Comforts of Home in Jamestown, ND and then drove to The Quilted Ladybug in Moorehead, MN.  Next, we visited The Quilter's Cottage in Fergus Falls, MN.

Next, we visited a quaint little general store in Forman, ND called Rutland General Store.  Its one of those places tucked away in a small town in North Dakota whose motto is, "If we don't have it, you don't need it!"  Plus, there's a little cafe which had great food.

Our last stop was in Oakes, ND called Quilted Blessings & Gifts.  This little quilt shop recently changed hands, so this was my first visit since the new owners took possession.

I was supposed to go with my best friend (whom I SHAMELESSLY infected with the Quilting Pox), but she wasn't able to go.  So, I took Olivia.  She had a BLAST and she's asking when the next one is, lol.

I was SO good. I didn't buy ONE YARD OF FABRIC!  You all should be SO proud of me.

I did buy several books...because...of course you KNOW...that I DON'T have enough books, lol. I think I should be on a book/pattern/magazine fast in addition to my fabric fast, lol.

I bought this book about remodeling your quilting space.  As you may know, that's one of my 2010 goals and I didn't think I was going to get it done, but now my hubby is on board, and I think it just may happen!

We looked at those tall dining room know, the ones that are 36" tall...and I found one that I'm going to use as my cutting tables.  How cool is that???  My Janome is already in its own table.  I have most of the big pieces of furniture for the sewing area, so all I need to do now is figure out how I'm going to store my fabric.

I also bought a couple of books with scrap quilts.  Since that's what I make the most of, I'm always on the outlook for new scrap quilt books/magazines.


I also bought a couple of rulers that were on sale.

I needed a new 6 1/2" ruler.  This one has seen LOTS of hours of use and has been showing it's age.  Can you see the crack and all the nicks out of the corner?

I found rulers on sale, so that was cool.

So, that's all I purchased...well...except for the fabric that I bought Olivia, but I'll let her tell you about that.


Glenda in Florida said...

I used that book when I designed my sewing room. I have shelf cubbies in my closet so that two stacks of fabric that have been folded around the 8 1/2 inch ruler fit into each cubbie. I showed hubby the pictures on pages 77 and 78, and he was sold. He even helped me fold all my fabric around the ruler. Of course, my room doesn't look that neat most of the time! Oh, and the Twister quilts look great!

LenaeS said...

Somehow I missed this post. We must think alike - the last two books I purchased were 2 of the 3 you bought! I did incorporate the bookcase cubbie (12 cubes)into my studio, and also the custom ironing station on top of a remodeled dresser.


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