Sunday, October 17, 2010

Stash Report - October 17

Well, how was your week?  I really felt like I was out of the house a lot this week, but I did manage to get some sewing done.

I finished a quilt for my Aunt who was just diagnosed with breast cancer.  It's a cheery blue and yellow quilt that I had finished for a long time and I basted that Sunday that I had all the interesting visitors...remember that?

Anyway, here it is all ready to go.  I sent it off Friday when I went to Bismarck.

And here it is all stretched out before I put the binding on.  It was a "design as you go quilt" and it's totally from stash.

I also bought a little yardage yesterday.  I have charm packs and fat quarter of Whimsy by Fig Tree Quilts and I decided to use it up for a couple of baby quilts I'm doing for Project Linus and my group A Dozen Quilters.  I'm really honored to belong to this group, and I'm so excited to donate to Project Linus this month.

This first one is broken dishes.  It's coming along pretty well.  I just have to finish the sashing and the 2" red border and then I'll put a larger border on.

I'm hoping to finish a second D9P as well, so I bought enough yardage for two backings and two borders.

I also bought a little extra red for the sashing and border, but I already cut it up last night, so no pic, lol.

Anyway!  Here are my numbers.

Fabric in:  4.5 yards
Fabric out: 7.25 yards
Total fabric in: 23.67
Total fabric out: 51
Fabric busted: 27.37

You can see how everyone else is doing by hopping over to Judy L's blog.

Also, and MOST important!  It's Sophia's birthday today.

My little girl is nine years old today.  I can't believe my kiddos are growing up SO fast.

Would you like to know what she's MOST excited about?  Her allowance increases by $5.00 per week!  :-)


Kathie said...

Happy Birthdy Sophia, yes they do grow fast.

I love the blue and yellow quilt, great colors and so cute. I hope she loves the quilt and that it will bring her comfort.

pdudgeon said...

awwww, Happy Birthday, Sophia!

love your blue and yellow quilt, and thanks for the pic of the Broken Dishes. i had a problem with the setting on my latest quilt, but seeing this gave me the solution! yea!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Sophia! Love the quilts! I know the quilt will bring her comfort, and praying that the cancer will be cured and just a small bump in the road for her.

Have a great Sunday!

Barb in Mi said...

Happy B'day to Sophie! I love your yellow-blue quilt and I hope it will help your aunt through difficult times!

Judy D said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Judy D said...

Happy Birthday to Sophia--she shares a birthday with my husband--he's lots older than 9, but sometimes he acts like he is 9. ;) (I think that's a good thing.)

I love yellow and blue together-those are the colors of my 1st "official" quilt. Maybe it's time to do another one.

(Wish we could edit our comments to fix spelling errors instead of deleting them. )

Penny said...

All of your quilts are wonderful. I love the red sashing. I also love the yellow and blue quilt. I am sure it will bring a lot of comfort. You are so thoughtful.


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