Friday, October 29, 2010

What I've Been Up To

These last few days, I've had to make trips to Bismarck.

It's unusual for us to have to go to Bismarck more than once a week, but that's the way that it worked out this week.

But, in the evenings, I have been piecing.

I'm working on my project to use up the fabric I don't absolutely LOVE, so I cut a PILE of fat quarters into 10" squares and then strips, and I have been making Twister Quilts tops.  I'm going to be sending the tops to Alycia for QOV.

Those of you who've been with me for a while remember the trouble I got into for having a tutorial up.  However, I see that there's at least one other tutorial online now.  I wonder if she got in trouble.


It's a fun quilt to do and it uses up LOTS of fabric and when you have fabric that's not the most lovely stuff, it still looks great in this quilt.

I have two finished and a couple more in various stages.  My goal is to finish seven tops to send her by the end of this month.

Tomorrow, I'm going on a quilt shop bus tour with my daughter.  I was going to go with my best friend (you know, the one I infected with quilt pox), but she's not able to go, and though I will miss her company TERRIBLY, I'm sanguine, and the show MUST go on!  :-)

I'll take my daughter with me who will be absolutely thrilled when I tell her that she's going after all.

We'll be sure and take lost of pictures and share what adventures we had on Sunday.

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Kimberly said...

I sent an email to your hotmail account (if you still have that one.) It was in my address book. I guess I'll find out if it come back or not. I couldn't open the link on Blogger as I don't have outlook.


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