Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Quilter's Accountability Report - October 13

OK.  Another week that didn't go exactly as planned.  It seems like as soon as September 1st hit, things hit the fan.  I thought it was because we added back in our "school" activities (like music lessons, 4-H, etc).  I thought it would just be a matter of "getting back into the groove."  But, it seems like the groove isn't getting worn yet!

It's frustrating, but I just keep telling myself that life is precious and I need to live each day to the fullest...make plans, and don't get upset if they don't happen...these moments, days, weeks, months with my children are irreplaceable and if I live this time in frustration because my expectations aren't met, I will miss what I have right in front of my eyes, in my arms, and under my feet.

I love my kids SO much.  Lord, help me to truly see what a gift they are!

Anyway...enough of the philosophy!

Here's my list from last week.
  1. Bind 1930's quilt.
  2. Finish quilting the guild quilt.
  3. Finish Niblet Exchange blocks
  4. Finish blocks for Block Lotto
  5. Finish a couple of Twister Quilt tops.
I got none of that finished.

I did, however, get a quilt quilted for my aunt.  I hope to get that bound today so I can wash it and send it off.

I also got a new machine (but I'll talk more about that later), so I'll hopefully be able to FMQ with a little less thread breakage.

SO, here are my goals for this week.
  1. Bind my Aunt's quilt.
  2. Bind 1930's quilt.
  3. Finish quilting the guild quilt.
  4. Work on Niblet Exchange blocks
  5. Work on blocks for Block Lotto
  6. Finish a couple of Twister Quilt tops.
  7. Work on Paganini quilt.
Make sure you visit Bari to see how everyone else did on their goals and join us if you like.  Making goals can be fun!  Join us!


    Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

    It is hard to get into a routine. Enjoy your kids guilt free..

    crossroadsquilts said...

    Oh, Tamera! Your life sounds so like mine. The kids started school and life got REALLY hectic and I don't even homeschool!

    I also have to keep telling myself to enjoy my time with the kids and not to rush it....but it is hard! I will pray for you and the kids!

    I also love the colors in your aunt's quilt! How cheery! I am sure she will cherish it as she goes through her treatments.

    You have your work cut out for you this week. I pray that it works out for you and that your new machine is just the ticket to make things go smoother!


    Alycia said...

    Look at the positive - what you did get done, and how much time you got to be with the kids *grin*

    Shelly said...

    I had to laugh at this week's list after reading the list before it -- I am so just like that! Didn't get last week's done? No problem -- just make a longer list next week! I don't know if we should laugh at that, or cry and seek help . . . but you are right about time with your kids -- they'll be grown and gone too soon.


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