Saturday, December 26, 2009

Snow-Bound Saturday

Well, we're into the third day of blizzard conditions here in the Northern Plains! I just checked the radar and there's another round of snow coming for my area (I live in South Central North Dakota). I hate the feeling of being snow-bound, but I will just hunker down and sew!

Last night, I basted my daughter's quilt, but I don't have the thread to quilt it. She chose a cute piece of flannel print that I had in my stash for the backing. It doesn't really go with the quilt, but it's what she wanted.

And wouldn't you know it? there was JUST enough for the backing. I was REALLY happy about that.

So, it's basted and waiting for me to get some thread on Monday if we're dug out by then.

Thankfully, the temperatures have been moderate!

So, I'm going to start work on a new quilt today, and I'm going to baste my sister's quilt, and any time I sit down, I'm going to work on the binding on my Mom's quilt. I shouldn't have to cook much since we have left-overs from yesterday.

And, the only time I'll be venturing out in the weather is to periodically check on the chickens and goats. If we were any closer to kidding time, I would be worried that they would all kid while we have this horrible storm, but they shouldn't start kidding for three weeks yet.

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