Sunday, December 27, 2009


I got two quilts finished this weekend. YEAH ME!

First of all, I FINALLY finished the binding on this quilt for my mom. This is my first attempt at applique. I liked it, but it's not something that I think I'll be doing a LOT of...although I do have a kit that is basically all applique and I want to finish it up in 2010.

This was a quilt that I did with my guild and it was done (except for the binding) TWO years ago!!! I got it out in late September and I've been slowly sewing on the binding. Did I mention I was S-L-O-W-L-Y sewing on the binding? I finally finished it tonight while watching the Cowboys beat the Redskins...GO COWBOYS!

I also finished a baby quilt.

Here's the back and a picture of my quilting.

The quilting isn't too exciting, but it's done. I need the practice.

I'm sending this quilt in to Quilts for Kids along with another of the Twister quilts and also the quilt that I finished from the fabric they sent.

The second Twister quilt is almost done. I have a little bit more quilting to do and then the binding and it will be done. I should finish it in the next few days and get those three quilts sent off before the New Year.

I wanted to leave you with this photo of the beautiful North Dakota sunset this evening.

Hope you all had a quilty weekend!

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