Thursday, December 17, 2009

Border Tutorial

I want to do a border tutorial because I think that borders are often overlooked or not done as carefully as they should be. Putting on borders is the last step to the quilt top, and it can be somewhat of a bother, but it's important.

I found that even when making a small little baby quilt, the edges can be inch or two longer than they should have been.

In order to determine the length of your borders, you'll need to measure the width (or length depending on which border you're doing) of your quilt through the middle. I usually measure along a seam line and I make a couple of measurements. I've really never had the measurements be that much off from one part of the quilt to the other, but if I did, I would average the measurements and then use the average.

Once you have cut the borders, you'll need to add them to your quilt.

Step 1: Fold your quilt in half and pinch it

This will leave a crease in your fabric.

Put a pin in it.

Step 2: Bring the ends of the quilt (one at a time) to the middle, pinch, crease, and pin it.

Step 3: Do the same thing to your border.

Step 4: Match the pins. Make sure to pin it with the quilt on the bottom and the border on the top. Your quilt is most likely going to be a little larger and if the quilt is on the bottom, the feed dogs will help you ease the quilt into the border.

Step 5: Now you have the middle, 1/4, and 3/4 spots pinned together. Pin between your existing pins. The more difference between your quilt and the border, the more you need to pin.

Sew the border and quilt together making sure that you ease the quilt evenly with the border.

Now you have a nice squared quilt.

I hope this helps you to finish your next quilt top with the same care and precision that you use for the middle.

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