Monday, December 28, 2009

Another Finish!

Yeah! I finished another baby quilt.

I just finished the binding. Instead of using separate binding, I just used the backing and brought it around.

I had been wondering about that technique and just how one goes about it and lo and behold, there was an article about it in the Quick Quilts I got today in the mail!

I'll be sending these two quilts along with the Quilts for Kids quilt that I made with the fabric they sent.

Hope you all had a quilty day!


Anonymous said...

Tamera, Beautiful twister quilt...I can't figure out how you put it together. Can you give us a hint! Very cool!

bingo~bonnie said...

I love seeing all the kits made up around blogland of these... such cute fabrics for every one of them!

I started machine quilting mine last night... and it's my 1st ever machine quilted anything... :/ not to great - but not too bad.. so far.

Love from Texas! ~bonnie


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