Sunday, January 16, 2011


You know how it is when you tell your hubby for weeks that something's wrong, but he doesn't listen?

It was actually the perfect storm.

He has had a cold, so he couldn't smell.

And me...well, I have a schnoz that notices every little nuance of fragrance in a room.

So, when I told him several weeks ago that I was smelling something...hmmmm....shall we say....not so savory in the bathroom, he didn't really listen.  (I guess I should be really concerned about his opinion of my domestic abilities...but...hmmm...not so much, lol.)

Well, now that there is water seeping out around the bottom of the toilet, he listens.

"Oh, maybe there's something wrong with the toilet."


he he he....Luckily, I have have a hubby how know how to fix stuff like that.

Also...When I left the hospital yesterday, I was still hyped up on pain meds and I forgot allllllllll about filling my pain prescription.  Oh yeah, we live 60 miles from any place that's open on a Sunday.

BUT, since we know nearly EVERYONE in our community, my hubby just called the local pharmacist and she's going to meet him at the pharmacy that's 13 miles away at 11:30...Now, that's small town livin'!


Bia, from Brazil said...

Nothing you couldn´t handle, thanks to a smart husband and a nice community.
I have no husband and live in a city I dislike! LOL

Ann Marie said...

I love it when hubby doesn't listen then has to deal with it later! Maybe they should listen the first time. Glad you got that small time livin to help with your meds, that is great.

Sara said...

I hope your recovery is quick and goes smoothly. And yes - you gotta love small town living! The people are the best.

Stray Stitches said...

Ewwwww! Glad the hubby was able to fix your plumbing problems. Hope the pain meds work and that you are on the road to recovery!

Anonymous said...

How funny! Sounds like something that would happen at my house!

I sure pray you are feeling better and that you are back at it quickly. I love all the little stories and comments from your kids....they add so much humor to our lives! We are so blessed to have them! Small towns and friends are wonderful blessings also.

Take care of your self and don't puch too hard!

QuiltSue said...

It's so good to be proved right, but so annoying when they don't believe you until it's so obvious they can't miss it!

Hope it's something that's easily fixed.

Melissa S. said...

Happy recovery Tamera. As a small town pharmacist (though I rarely work anymore) I can relate. We would totally do that!

dq said...

Small communities are really the BEST!! We have locals who will really dig in and help when there is a need!!


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