Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Quilter's Accountability Report - December 1

Here are my goals for last week.
  1. Finish the pillowcases that I have fabric for - didn't get finished
  2. Begin working on the wall hanging for my Mom's Christmas present - quilting finished...just need to find the binding I cut two years ago, lol (good luck with that, lol!)
  3. Begin quilting my sister's quilt - not done
  4. Clue 1 of Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll - DONE
  5. Block 2 of Layer Cake Quilt Along - DONE
I had another pretty good week.

Lots of exciting things happened...the MOST exciting was that I got my new laptop! I'm lovin' it. Even the transition time (you know, that time that it takes for you to get your old reliable stuff loaded on and transfer over your files that you use all the time, etc) hasn't been too bad.

I also joined a couple of online groups.

The first one is Block Swap Adventure and the other group is Let's Bee Together.

I already belong to a couple of online groups and I am also trying to get a local group started, so it should be interesting in the New Year, lol.  I hope I don't get in over my head.

I'm feeling very ready for Christmas.  This is the first year in a long time that I have been looking forward to Christmas, so it feels good!

Anyway, I should make some goals for next week.
  1. Finish Block 3 of Layer Cake Quilt Along
  2. Clue 2 for Roll, Roll, Cotton Boll
  3. Finish Mom's wall hanging
  4. Start quilting Robin's quilt
  5. Finish pillowcases that I have fabric for
  6. Finish quilting 1930's quilt...maybe bind it?
I think that should be enough, right?  Make sure you visit Bari and see what everyone else is up to this week.  Join us!  We'd love to have you!


Melissa Stramel said...

Looks like you did pretty good!

Vivian said...

While I was at my MIL's in NC for Thanksgiving, she went to Walmart and also got a new laptop at their Midnight(that stretched into 5AM!) Black Friday sale. After an eight hour drive down to her house needless to say I didn't go to the sale with her!

Since your tree is up I'd say you really ARE in the Xmas spirit! Lead the way to the Santa count down!

Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

I think you are getting quite a bit done. Good luck finding that binding tho.LOL

Anonymous said...

Wow, you did get a lot done this week! Way to go! I can't even imagine adding more online groups to what you already are already one very busy lady!

I am so glad you are in the Christmas mood this year. I am finally starting to get there. The kids pester me daily about when the tree is going up...probably Saturday evening.

Keep up the good work on this week's goals!



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