Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two Finishes/Accountability Challenge Jan 13

I finished the two baby quilts. I just put the binding on the second one.

That's the only thing from last week's Accountability Challenge that I got finished! Partly because it took me WAY longer to do the two baby quilts because I was "doing my own design" and they didn't turn out quite like I expected...they took WAY longer than I anticipated.

They did turn out cute, though.

This makes quilt finish number two and three for the year. Woo Hoo!

I also finished my last three Block Lotto blocks last night.

This week, I'm going to work on the NYE Mystery Quilt...go back to working on it at least 20 min/day. I'm also going to finish those 12 pillowcases that I've committed (in my mind) to make. I would like to take them to the hospital to drop them off at the pediatric ward on Tuesday along with the two quilts to the NICU.

So, that's what I'll be working on this week.

Hope you all had a quilty day.


Julianne's Machine Quilting said...

Two finishes....Great.

crossroadsquilts said...

I think two finishes is FANTASTIC! Doing your own thing can sure make for some interesting outcomes and is definitely MUCH more fun! Those are gorgeous quilts!

I don't know about you, but I find this accountability sure makes me work on things more diligently!



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