Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Final Fabric Choices for Hazel's Diary Quilt

I think I finally settled on my fabrics for my Hazel's Diary Quilt.

There are three borders in the larger quilt.

Here's the fabric I'll use as the background.

Now, for the blocks, I need three one yard pieces and here's what I have chosen...

There should be a dark medium, a medium, and a light medium. I thought at first that the yellow would be the light medium, but when I go to gray scale, it appears that the yellow is darker than the light blue.

So, I'm not rock solid on my choices. I have SO many fat quarters of blue/yellow/green fabric that I may just go more scrappy.

Yesterday was Bismarck day, and my hubby went along with all four of the kids. We ended up getting the brakes worked on and getting new tires...and because my hubby is a farmer...and because he's a guy...instead of paying $3.50/tire for them to dispose of the tires, he decided to bring them home with us.

So, picture this...four tires, four kids, and lots of STUFF in a Dodge minivan...It's starting to snow and the kids are covered in sacks and we have over 60 miles to drive home...NOT a fun evening.

I got a few more pillowcases finished this morning and I also got an idea for a baby quilt for the NICU.

I did this block last night when we got home:

I can't decide what to do with the "left overs." I could either put them in a vertical row like this...

...and then have a row of fabric between rows of these blocks.

OR I could do another quilt putting the blocks together like this:

What do you guys think?

Also, would you like a tutorial on this quilt? You may have seen a pattern like it. I just did it from a picture I saw, so I could show you what I did.

Have a quilty day.

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sophie said...

I think blue and yellow is such a classic look and you have chosen some great fabrics.


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