Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Out of Chaos...Beauty

Well, I hope so, anyway, lol.

I am gearing up to get a quilt done...a very special quilt.

I've been thinking of this quilt for a long time, and now, the time for it to be birthed has come! My "little nephew" is getting married!

Of course, I've waited until the last is my habit.

My hubby doesn't think I can get it done, but I hope he's wrong.

This is the state of the quilt as of this morning.

It's the courthouse steps block and I'm going to use the Chinese lanterns setting.

drawing from Donna's Place
I was so excited to get the first row finished yesterday and I'm really working to get two rows done this morning before I go to Kid's Quilting Camp...which has been SOOOOOOOO fun!

I have had the honor of being there while a young lady has finished her first two quilts! (Well, someone other than my daughter...which was AWESOME!)

Anyway, I hope you're having as quilty a day as I'm going to have!

Have a quilty day, ladies and gents!

One final picture, lol.

I LOVE living in North Dakota, because in the summer, it's light EARLY in the morning until LATE at night. But, it plays havoc on little kids. They wake up too early...and fall back asleep, lol.

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Alycia said...

You can do it!! Deadlines always make us work faster!!!


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