Thursday, May 17, 2012

Kids Growing Up

My kids are growing up, and I'm not liking it!

What happened to those days when you dressed your kids (and they didn't have an opinion about it), you fed them (and they ate it without a discussion), then you put them on the floor with a few toys and they played happily until one of the other rug rats took their toy away?

Now, they dress in stuff I don't understand, complain about the fact that (today) they don't like what's for dinner, and then need to be entertained until one of the other kids looks at them crosswise which causes an argument which can quickly escalate to fisticuffs!

This morning, I filled out a form to send my two oldest kids to basketball camp.

Because I homeschool, I've avoided this kind of thing until now, but now it's here.

Olivia has decided that she wants to "go out for sports" next year, and so we're trying basketball. We decided that she should try the camp for a week and that would let her know if she enjoys it enough to go out for the entire season next year...and Sophia decided that since Sissy was doing it, she needed to.

Let the games begin! Wait...I'm not ready!

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Sara said...

Brings back wonderful memories. My girls were definitely "jocks" and basketball was their favorite sport. We spent every summer running around to multiple basketball camps. In between they "lived" at the town swimming pool and both eventually became lifeguards. Great memories!! Enjoy while you can.


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