Tuesday, August 10, 2010

You Know You're Having a Bad Day When...

Right after dinner yesterday, the neighbor and his daughter came walking up our driveway.

"That's odd," I thought.

My hubby went out to see what happened...assuming that they had broken down on the road.

When we went to the end of the driveway, this is what we saw...

He had driven off into the slough!

Thankfully, neither he nor his daughter were hurt and the guys were able to pull it out with a tractor.

Here we go....

Through the water...

Back on dry ground!

The combine from the dark lagoon!!!!!

Never a dull moment at our house!

Believe it or not, the neighbors cleaned off the combine, greased her up, and combined with her later that day, lol.  No rest for the wicked during harvest season!

On the home front, my daughter Sophia was bitten by a cat later that evening.  I thought she might have to have rabies shots, but we found the cat, so no shots for my little Sophie, thank goodness...just antibiotics for the infection.

Hoping to post some quilt pictures tomorrow!

Hope you had a quilty day.


My good friend Dawn asked me why they didn't just pull the combine backwards out of the slough.

Let me show you, lol.

There's water on BOTH sides of the road at this spot!  They did try and pull back, but it was necessarily at an angle, so they could tell right away that wouldn't work and they decided to pull the combine forward through the water.


Cora Beth said...

You really DID have an interesting day!

That's farmers for you... They don't let anything stop them! :)

I hope Sophie's feeling better soon. If she wants any more kitties to tame, she can come over to our place! New kittens just keep on showing up...


Kimberly said...

Glad to see you are back blogging.

Anonymous said...

Good morning Tamera,
Thanks for posting although that leaning combine gave me the willies. We're all wondering over here why they didn't pull it out backwards.
Can you believe how quickly Summer is going? Have you even thought about starting up school again> I sure haven't. :)
Happy today,

Tamera said...

Good question, Dawn, lol. They couldn't pull it backward because there's water on the opposite side as well! I'll post a picture of that.


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