Monday, October 8, 2012

Design Wall Monday - October 8, 2012

On my design wall this morning is a wall quilt that I'm quilting for my daughter.

She is horse crazy, and when she saw this laser cut horse, she just had to have it.

I've stitched in the ditch and started pebbling.

I plan to quilt pebbling at the bottom, then change to another fill pattern as I gradually work upwards.

This is my helper for the day...

She feels the need to be in the middle of everything, lol.

Be sure and head over to Judy's to see what everyone else is up to this week.

October is my "finish it up" month, so I'll be working to get as many of my finished quilt tops quilted as I can.

Hope you have a quilty day!


krisgray said...

That is a cool horse, I agree with your daughter. What a cure helper! Good luck on finishing lots of projects.

Dar said...

Such a great looking horse. Your pebbling looks really good. Will be anxious to see what other background fills you use as you work your way upwards. Good luck on finishing up lots of things in Oct.


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