Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Nice Problem To Have

Well, the good news is, we have so much grain harvested that we ran out of bin space. Hubby decided that they would use one of the metal buildings to store some of it until we could haul it to the elevator. (The elevator is full, too!) He and his brother cleaned out the back half of the building and started pouring in the grain and after 15,000 bushels or so were in, this happened...

Hopefully, insurance will cover the losses, but now, all that grain had to come back out of the building!

My hubby borrowed a grain vac. I'll bet you didn't realize that there are vacuum cleaners for grain, lol!

The vacuum is run by the power train of the tractor and it sucks up the grain...

...and then dumps it into the grain truck.

So, my hubby and his brother are busy vacuuming, loading, and hauling grain. Hopefully, things will go well for them. Thank goodness, harvest is done and praise God no one was hurt. (My BIL had been in the building a few minutes before.)

I'm working with Sophia this morning and also working on log cabin blocks. I'm hoping to have a tutorial soon.

Have a quilty day!

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