Monday, June 18, 2012

Design Wall Monday

One my design wall this morning is the quilt I am quilting on Emily.

It one of the first quilts of one of my good friends.

I LOVE the thought of doing a person's first quilt!

This is a friend that I am attending a beginner's quilting class with. I had planned on taking the class with my daughter because the quilt that they were doing is a sampler quilt that I really wanted to do. I knew that she wouldn't go if I didn't go alone to a beginner's class, so I invited her to go with us.

She is SO excited!

After the first class, she bought fabric so that she could make another sampler quilt at home at the same time.

THEN, she decided that she wanted to do another quilt, so I gave her a fat quarter pack and she started a Yellow Brick Road quilt (which she has almost finished).

Anyway, I hope you check out what everyone else is doing at Judy's blog and I hope you have a quilty day!


Vicki said...

I really enjoy quilting a new quilters first quilt. It is great when your kids like things that you do and you can share your love of that activity with them.

Gari said...

Wow, your daughter jumped right in there. My daughter doesn't even know how to turn on a sewing machine. ;)

Michelle said...

Love the first quilt!


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