Sunday, March 20, 2011

Stash Report - Week 12

Well, I've been sewing this week, how about you ladies?

I finished the main part of my Brown Monochromatic quilt.  I just have to decide what to do about a border.

I also worked quite a bit on High Cotton and I just have a few more blocks to finish.  I'll be working on putting it together this week, I think.

I did purchase some of the pink and brown that I fell in love with so I could have it in my stash.  I'm still not sick of pink and brown yet, so I may do another quilt with that color combo, lol.

So, here are my numbers...

Fabric in: 7 yards
Fabric out: 2.59 yards
Total fabric in: 45.92 yards
Total fabric out: 50.37 yards
In/Out percentage: 91%
Goal: 150% In/Out percentage
I'm at 61% of my goal
Fabric given away: 130
Net: 134.45
Goal: 150 net yards out
I'm at 90% of my goal!!!!

As you can see, I set a second goal for myself.  I want to use 150% of what I bring into my stash this year (not counting in the fabric that I give away).  I got this idea from Brenda at Bits And Pieces.

So far, I've used 61%, so I feel like I have a good start on that goal!

Make sure you check out how everyone else did this week at Judy's blog!


Kate said...

Great stash numbers for this week! Is your 150% of what you buy goal intended to be just stash management or is it also intended to keep you focused on getting projects finished? I can see that type of goal doing both.

katie z. said...

Sounds like you'll have some great finishes soon!

Kathie said...

Sounds like a great goal. Last year my goal was a net of 100 yards used. This year it is more informal. I want to use around twice as much fabric as I buy but main goal is to use up all those smaller pieces so I can see what I really have on the shelf yardage wise and also to use up more of the fabric I have had for YEARS.

Vicky said...

Sounds like a good plan!

Alycia said...

Sounds like a fun week! I am impressed with your goals - but umm Tam - thats a LOT of math LOL

Melanie said...

Your numbers look great! Keep up the good work!

Good luck with your new goal, but I agree with Alycia, that's way too much math for me!

Penny said...

That is a great way to figure stash management. Looking forward to seeing your brown quilt. Love the progress on High Cotton.

Mary said...

I have been sewing and actually not only finished up my UFO for March but got the binding on the last top of yours I had here to finish. It will go to Habitat with 3 other quilts I have to donate. Thanks!

Lori in South Dakota said...

I'm impressed with the math too! And sewing with 4H kids--that's always fun. I'm sending you some warm weather--it was 64F and sunny today. Do you still have FEET of snow??

Anonymous said...

Wow! Your numbers are looking great! I am only doing my stash report once a month just for lack of time. At least that still makes me keep track, but I can't even imagine doing the figuring you are AND keeping it all straight! LOL

Hope it gets warmer for you!



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