Sunday, January 31, 2010

Stash Report, Jan 31

This has been a really hard week.  I'm running on a HUGE sleep deficit and I haven't been feeling well.  I have some type of autoimmune disease (that they haven't been able to diagnose) that attacks my joints and muscles, so I've been in a lot of pain and I have lots of stiffness and fatigue.

When you have 11 does (adult goats) to milk and 24 baby goats to feed three times a day, you don't have time for pain and stiffness and fatigue...OR, you use all the energy you have to do chores and there's nothing left over, evidence by the fact that my hubby and kids are feeling neglected, my house is a mess, and I haven't been doing any sewing.  WAAAAAA  (Enough of the pity party, Tamera!)

They're FINALLY finishing our basement, so I'm SO happy about that.

I didn't get much sewing fact very little, and I did get some fabric in the mail, but can you believe that I haven't even OPENED it????

I'll put it on next week's report.

For now, I'm just going to say that my numbers stayed the same.  I've had 22.96 yards in year to date.

Make sure you check out Judy's blog to see what everyone else is up to.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Wind-Up for the Weekend, Jan 29

Sorry I'm late with this, ladies!  I'm not feeling well this weekend, and I don't think I'm going to get any quilting done, and that's depressing!

What is everyone else up to this weekend...perhaps I can live vicariously through you.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stash Report Jan 24

Well, not much out this week, but I do have an excuse! We've had 24 baby goats born at our place this week, so LOTS of extra work outside. I'm tired and cranky, lol...I think because I haven't been able to quilt! he he he he

I did, however get some fabric in the mail.

When I got this table runner last week, the background fabric was this LOVELY Moda Muslin Mates fabric that I just fell in love with, so I hunted around until I found someone who had some for a good price and I bought all she had...10¾ yards! (The link shows the white and the natural together so you can see the pattern. I bought the white since I'm wanting to do a bunch of quilts this year with LOTS of white.)

I also got my charm packs from the Fat Quarter Shop. This month is Blush. How fun are these fabrics????

I was able to do some quilting, though before things got so crazy. I did piece some rail fence blocks using a Scrap Bag that I had.'s the damage.

Fabric purchased this week: 12.87 yards
Fabric purchased year to date: 75.21 yards
Fabric used this week: 2 yards
Fabric used year to date: 52.24 yards
Net year to date: 22.96 yards

Make sure you stop by Judy's blog to see what everyone else is up to.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Wind-Up for the Weekend, Jan 22

Well, I'm hoping to get back to my sewing this weekend. I've had a temporary interruption with all these baby goats! We now have 22 baby goats...all born since Sunday.

What are you all going to be working on? Link up with us and let us know. Be sure and leave the link for your specific blog entry in which you talk about what you're going to be doing this weekend.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

In Case You've Ever Wondered

In case you've ever wondered what 22 baby goats look like, here's a photo of our baby goats right before number 23 and 24 were born this afternoon.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Not Much Going On

Not much going on in the quilt-front as we're up to our ears in baby goats. We've had 10 baby goats in 24 hours and we hand raise our goats (or bottle feed), so there's LOTS of work the first few days.

Here's a picture of my daughter Olivia after the 5AM feeding. One of the baby goats decided she was lonely and wanted to come in with her "momma."

We still have seven does (adult female goats) that are due to kid (have their babies) any day now...and goats usually have twins or triplets!

I have been sewing a few seams here and there. I'll post as I get things done.

Hope you'll all have a quilty day!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Design Wall Monday, Jan 18 and FINALLY

Here's what's on my design wall this morning. I had the day to myself yesterday as my husband took the kids (two-legged) to church (60 miles away). I stayed home with the goats because they're ready to kid (have baby goats) any minute. We've been waiting for WEEKS (it seems) for that first batch of kids (four-legged)!

Yesterday, we things finally broke, and three of our goats kidded. We now have six baby goats (kids): five girls (doelings) and one boy (buckling). Here's a picture of my daughter Olivia (my goat girl) feeding the babies. (Yes, that is a baby bottle, lol.)

If you're interested, we'll have more information a little later on our farm blog Swan-S Grove Farms.

On a quilty note, I took the opportunity yesterday to do something with the Moda Scrap Bag that I had purchased earlier.

Moda Scrap Bags are left-overs from Moda's production of layer cakes. They used to destroy them, but now they sell them to you and me, lol.

I cut the selvages off and straightened them out and then sewed four of them together.

The strips aren't exactly the same width, but I just sewed them together and then cut them into 7 ½ square blocks. That used almost all the fabric. It worked really great!

I did it totally randomly and I'm not sure if I will sew four together to make one big block, or if I'll do something else. I have a few ideas rolling around in my head.

Make sure that you pop over to Judy's to check out what everyone else is up to.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Stash Report, Jan 17

Here are my purchases for the week.

I joined the Fresh and Fancy Table Runner of the Month Club at the Fat Quarter Shop. Here's January's table runner:

Looks fun, doesn't it? Well, it was. I got it to the basted stage already, YEAH ME!

I'm actually running out of KP Kids stuff for baby quilts! YEAH! That means I get to buy new stuff, lol.

Here's some stuff I got this week:

I used to buy KP Kids fat quarters on eBay all the time, but it doesn't seem like there's much of that anymore. I'll have to think of a new strategy, lol.

I used a little fabric here and a little fabric there, but it all added up.

Fabric purchased this week: 11.63 yards
Fabric purchased year to date: 63.34 yards
Fabric used this week: 9.44 yards
Fabric used year to date: 50.24 yards
Net year to date: -12.1 yards

Make sure you pop on over to Judy's blog to see what everyone else is up to.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Lots To Do Today

I have several things that I want to do today.

1. Finish the last four pillowcases.
2. Put binding on a quilt. I think I'll do it all by machine.
3. Baste two quilts.
4. Work on NYE quilt.

Let's see if I can get all this done, lol.

Hope you all have a quilty day!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Wind-Up for the Weekend Jan 15

Good day everyone...what are your plans for the weekend?

I'm going to continue working on UFOs. I got a couple of quilts basted last night, so I may do some quilting this weekend, but I really think that I'm going to start another quilt, he he he.

I have a few more pillowcases to finish to reach my goal, so I will work on those...shouldn't take too long for that.

I have a few UFO's that I would like to work on to get to the flimsy stage, but I am gearing up to do a couple of "masculine" for a friend's husband, and another for my BIL.

I think I may do a Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt using brown and cream for the 4 patches and blues for the bricks.

Let me know what you're planning on working on this weekend. Be sure and link to the specific blog entry where you talk about what you're doing this weekend and not just to your blog. If you link to your blog and a reader comes along and clicks on it on a later day, the link will take them to whatever your entry is that day and not your blog entry for Wind-Up for the Weekend.

To get the URL for your specific blog post, write your blog post, then go back to your blog once that post is published; click on that title and copy that address. Then use that address for your link in Mister Linky.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Pillowcases

Well, I've finished eight of the twelve pillowcases that I want to finish before Tuesday. I have the other four cut out and pinned together, so it will only take a few minutes to finish them.

They're SO colorful! I am excited to take them to the pediatric floor. I hope that they make some kids feel just a little bit better while they're in the hospital.

This on is my favorite.

This afternoon, I got caught up on my Hazel's Diary Quilt.

It moves REALLY slowly (which it's designed to do) so, if you're interested, you could easily catch up. I'm really excited about the fabrics that I chose. They're all from my stash (woo hoo!) and I think they're going to make a wonderful quilt.

So far, we've cut out the borders, binding and the setting triangles.

Now, we're working on Block 1. Here's the units for Block 1. I just think it will be wonderful when it's done.

What did you do today? Are you gearing up for the weekend?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Two Finishes/Accountability Challenge Jan 13

I finished the two baby quilts. I just put the binding on the second one.

That's the only thing from last week's Accountability Challenge that I got finished! Partly because it took me WAY longer to do the two baby quilts because I was "doing my own design" and they didn't turn out quite like I expected...they took WAY longer than I anticipated.

They did turn out cute, though.

This makes quilt finish number two and three for the year. Woo Hoo!

I also finished my last three Block Lotto blocks last night.

This week, I'm going to work on the NYE Mystery Quilt...go back to working on it at least 20 min/day. I'm also going to finish those 12 pillowcases that I've committed (in my mind) to make. I would like to take them to the hospital to drop them off at the pediatric ward on Tuesday along with the two quilts to the NICU.

So, that's what I'll be working on this week.

Hope you all had a quilty day.

Tutorial: Sewing the Binding Together

I thought since this is what I was doing this morning, I would share how I do it.

First of all, I almost always use 2 1/2 inch binding. It's actually a little too much, but I like to be able to cut up the extra into 2 1/2 inch squares, so I just go with that.

I first cut enough strips to go around my quilt. How do I figure that? Well, first I find the perimeter of my quilt. For example, if the quilt is 40X40, the perimeter would be 160" (40+40+40+40). Then, I figure 40" of usable fabric for each WOF (width of fabric) strip, so I would cut 5 strips because I need the extra to go around the corners and the extra that hangs over at the beginning and the end before you finish them together.

To sew them together, I first lay down the first strip right side up.

Lay the second strip right sides together at a 90° angle.

You can pin it together, or not. If I pin, I pin away from where I'm going to be sewing to just keep it together and straight.

Rotate the piece clockwise to find the spot that you sew from.

Sew a couple of stitches...

Then line up the opposite end. You can do this several ways. My table has a "0" that is in the position of my needle, so that's how I line it up.

There are products like the Angler 2 that you can put on the bed of your sewing machine that help you to keep the strips at the right angle. (There's another one that's just like it, but I can't think of the name!)

You could draw a 45° angle line on the top strip.

Or, like me, you could just "eyeball it."

Make sure when you come to the end, you come out exactly where the strips cross.

Lay the next piece down and place the next strip right sides together on it at the 90° angle.

Take the sewn together strips to the ironing board.

Check to make certain that you've done everything correctly. Believe me, I've messed up SEVERAL times...especially if its been a long time since I last put on binding, lol.

Trim the seam to 1/2" or so. You can see I left this longer than 1/2". For me, it seems that it's easier to work with when the seam is longer.

Press the seam open.

Trim off the little tabs...


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

What Have I Been Up to Today?

Well, today was a VERY unusual day. My husband went to Bismarck with the three girls and I stayed home with Josiah...and the goats.

We're on full time goat watch as the goats should be kidding ANY MOMENT NOW!

Can you tell I'm getting a little impatient? I can't WAIT to see those first little baby goats. They are just SO cute!

Anyway, guess what I did all day?

I could have gotten more done if I had worked harder, but as it is, I got the front and back of this table topper pieced. It came in the mail yesterday from Fat Quarter Shop, the first installment of the Fresh and Fancy Table Runner Series.

What did you all do today?

Monday, January 11, 2010

Design Wall Monday, Jan 10

OK, it's a little late for Design wall, but here goes.

Oh yeah, and I don't actually HAVE a design wall yet, but here goes.

And, oh yeah, I don't actually HAVE anything new started, but here goes....

I did finish quilting the baby quilts last night.

I got the design from the The PajamaQuilter Reloaded, which I highly recommend. It's a good starting place, I think. However, I was thinking yesterday that there are different styles of FMQ (free motion quilting) and if she's not your style, some other book will work better for you, lol. How's that for helpful???? NOT! lol

Here's a close-up of some of the flowers that I quilted on this quilt.

On the Star Quilt, I decided to do something different because I wanted to practice for quilting Mariah's Quilt. You may remember (but probably don't, lol) that I made a quilt for my daughter Mariah. It turned out really cute, and I'm getting ready to quilt it. I had decided that I wanted to quilt the triangles on it, and I had in my mind what I wanted to do, but then, when I got ready to quilt the Star Quilt, I thought..."Hey, I could practice on this quilt, then by the time I get to Mariah's quilt, I'll be GOOD at triangles, lol!"

Anyway, here's my attempt at the triangles...

Here's a little close-up...

Make sure you head on over to Judy's blog to see what everyone else is up to.

Also, pop over to Mary Johnson's Blog and you can see a quilt that I pieced and she quilted. It looks really great...if I do say so myself.

Oh, and one last thing!

My friend Lori from Dakota City Quilter sent me some bricks. Isn't she just in INCREDIBLE sweetheart?

I'm planning on making a Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt (or two) with these. I need to get busy making some little four patches.

Thanks again, Lori!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Stash Report 1/10/10

Well, I busted some stash this week! Woo Hoo! Here are the numbers...

* Fabric purchased this week – 9 yards
* Fabric purchased YTD – 50.71 yards
* Fabric used this week – 20.81 yards
* Fabric used YTD – 40.81 yards
* Net YTD – 9.90 yards in

I busted 20.81 yards this week, so I'm pretty stoked! Yeah me!

I also FINALLY got these two baby quilts to the flimsy stage!

I'm hoping to get them basted and quilted...maybe even get the bindings done today. Wish me luck!

Head on over to Judy's to see how everyone else is doing.

Friday, January 8, 2010

What Have I Learned Today?

Well, I've learned a lot.

First of all...the best laid plans...

The baby quilt that I started...the one that I was going to do the tutorial not very fun. I wouldn't wish it on you, so I'm not going to. But, I am going to finish it!

I thought that I had figured out a way to make three baby quilts from one set of cutting, but I didn't, lol.

I am working on a second quilt from the pieces that I used in the first quilt, but there'll be no third quilt.

Secondly, I learned that "doing your own thing" isn't always what it's cracked up to be. There are going to be some hits...and there are going to be some misses.

But, I'm excited that I did put myself out there and give it the old college try.

I'm going to finish the flimsys of the quilts that I started yesterday/today and get some pics up ASAP.

Hope you all had a quilty day! I know I did.

Wind-Up for the Weekend 1/8/10

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it's time for another "Wind-Up for the Weekened!" This is your opportunity to let us know what YOU'RE planning on working on this weekend.

Do you have a quilt retreat to go to? (we're all jealous if you do!) Are you staying in, cranking up the crockpot and sewing all weekend? (we're jealous of that, too!) Or, like most of us, are you just going to try and sneak in a little of your passion in between "real life."

Myself, I'm going to try and put up a tutorial. I think I may have figured out a way to make three cute baby quilts at one time...if it works the way I have it in my head (and on EQ5). We shall see, lol.

I also will be working at least 20 minutes a day on my NYE Mystery quilt and I would like to finish up my pillowcases that I've committed to finishing this week. I'll also catch up on my Hazel's Diary quilt.

I think that should be enough to keep me busy...Oh yeah...we should also start kidding (having baby goats) this weekend sometime. The goat keepers (myself and my daughter, Olivia) are on 24-hour vigil. Of course, the ambient temperature right now is -24° F (and that's before you figure in the wind chill...BRRR). It's not supposed to get above zero until sometime on Saturday or maybe Sunday.

Let me know what you're planning on working on this weekend. Be sure and link to the specific blog entry where you talk about what you're doing this weekend and not just to your blog. If you link to your blog and a reader comes along and clicks on it on a later day, the link will take them to whatever your entry is that day and not your blog entry for Wind-Up for the Weekend.

To get the URL for your specific blog post, write your blog post, then go back to your blog once that post is published; click on that title and copy that address. Then use that address for your link in Mister Linky.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Not Much Time to Quilt Today

Well, I spent a good part of the day outside working with the goats and getting them warmed up and snug for the night.

The ambient temperature did not get above zero today and with wind chills, it was about -30 to -40. That's just a wee bit cold.

In addition, we have at least two feet of snow everywhere with drifts as high as five feet. In fact, my hubby was on the roof to clear the sewage vents and there were even two to three foot drifts of snow on the roof!

We're expecting baby goats any day now. Exciting and frightening. They can really be delicate when they're first born and it's SO hard to loose one.

Hopefully, I'll get some quilting done this evening.

Hope you're all having a quilty day.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Accountability Challenge, Jan 6

Bari is holding an accountability challenge each week. Each of us are working on UFOs or whatever and cheering each other on!

For this week, I'm committing to work on the NYE Mystery quilt at least 20 minutes each day.

I also want to stay up-to-date on Hazel's Diary Quilt, finish the 12 pillowcases, and piece two baby quilts.

Is that enough to work on?

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Final Fabric Choices for Hazel's Diary Quilt

I think I finally settled on my fabrics for my Hazel's Diary Quilt.

There are three borders in the larger quilt.

Here's the fabric I'll use as the background.

Now, for the blocks, I need three one yard pieces and here's what I have chosen...

There should be a dark medium, a medium, and a light medium. I thought at first that the yellow would be the light medium, but when I go to gray scale, it appears that the yellow is darker than the light blue.

So, I'm not rock solid on my choices. I have SO many fat quarters of blue/yellow/green fabric that I may just go more scrappy.

Yesterday was Bismarck day, and my hubby went along with all four of the kids. We ended up getting the brakes worked on and getting new tires...and because my hubby is a farmer...and because he's a guy...instead of paying $3.50/tire for them to dispose of the tires, he decided to bring them home with us.

So, picture this...four tires, four kids, and lots of STUFF in a Dodge minivan...It's starting to snow and the kids are covered in sacks and we have over 60 miles to drive home...NOT a fun evening.

I got a few more pillowcases finished this morning and I also got an idea for a baby quilt for the NICU.

I did this block last night when we got home:

I can't decide what to do with the "left overs." I could either put them in a vertical row like this...

...and then have a row of fabric between rows of these blocks.

OR I could do another quilt putting the blocks together like this:

What do you guys think?

Also, would you like a tutorial on this quilt? You may have seen a pattern like it. I just did it from a picture I saw, so I could show you what I did.

Have a quilty day.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Productive Day

Well, I've had a pretty productive day, even though I was in and out all day.

I finished two pillowcases...

I'm caught up on my Hazel's Diary Quilt...

I finished six blocks for Block Lotto...

Plus, some extra ones and some "X"s and "O"s for a baby quilt for donation to the NICU.

I came to the the cold hard light...that 20 quilts for the NICU in one month was an unrealistic goal, lol. So, I'll scale it back and make 12 pillowcases for the pediatric floor and at least two quilts for the NICU. Hopefully, I'll get more than two done. I can really work fast when I get on a roll.

Hope you all had a quilty day.

Design Wall Monday, Jan 4

So, how cute are these?

I'm playing Block Lotto this month and this is the block they have. They're planning on playing with Liberated blocks this year. I find that so incredibly awesome, as I was planning on becoming a little more Liberated this year anyway!

SO, then I got the idea that I should make a baby of the 20 that I want to make this month...using these blocks...and why not make some "X" and "O" blocks while I'm at it? So, here's my "X" block.

Then, I needed some more "bright" scraps, so I cut up some of the stuff the I bought on Saturday for pillowcases.

So, that's what's on my "design wall" this morning. Pop on over to Judy's blog to see what everyone else is up to.

It's 5:20 and I have already had one little boy up to the bathroom throwing up...ICK! A couple of the girls have been battling a stomach flu for the last few days. We'll see what happens.

Hope everyone has a quilty day!


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