Friday, January 22, 2010

Wind-Up for the Weekend, Jan 22

Well, I'm hoping to get back to my sewing this weekend. I've had a temporary interruption with all these baby goats! We now have 22 baby goats...all born since Sunday.

What are you all going to be working on? Link up with us and let us know. Be sure and leave the link for your specific blog entry in which you talk about what you're going to be doing this weekend.


Anonymous said...

Your babies are so cute! Whatever happened to "mama goat" raising them? Are goats not that reliable at raising multiple babies, or is it just easier this way?

We only had very infrequent times when a mare or cow would refuse to nurse their babies. Thankfully it didn't happen often!

See you when things slow down.


Tamera said...


Most people do allow the mama to raise them, but we choose to hand raise our kids because they're MUCH more tame that way and we're raising them to be home milk goats.

Plus, we get LOTS more milk that way, lol.


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