Friday, December 6, 2013

Another Post!

Just letting you know I'm still here! It's BITTERLY cold outside. The ambient temperature is below zero and any wind drives the chill factor far, far below zero. My hubby is working in the shop and trying to stay out of the cold, but the cows don't want to be out in it, either and they're making a beline for any shelter they can find, so they have to be chased back to where they belong.

I'm still working on Festive Frostings. It's coming along.

I wish you could see the fabric. It is SO beautiful. Gold on gold and silver on silver with a metallic sheen.

I'm hoping to get these large stars done today and start working on the small stars. Then, I'll be able to put them all together and I think the quilt will go together pretty quickly from that point.

My kiddos finished school this morning, and now their at grandma's making reindeer cookies. It's nice to have grandparents near. I wish my mom was closer! I MISS her!

Hope you're all having a quilty day! Stay warm if it's cold where you are!

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