Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Yellow Brick Road Times Two

Exciting things are happening in my quilting life right now!

I've been starting a business and it's really been fun! So many projects in the works with lots of deadlines coming up.

One of the projects is another beginner class that I'm involved in starting in June. I can't wait.

We're going to make the quilt "Yellow Brick Road." How many of you have made this quilt?

We're going to offer kits in four different colorways, so my co-teacher and I are making the four quilts so people can see how they look when they're made up. We figure if they're going to be beginners, they won't know how to translate a pile of fabric into a quilt. I know I didn't as a beginner. I guess I still have trouble doing that, lol.

I have the two colorways that are for a boy and a young girl. My goal is to get these tops sewn together today if my daughter will help me lay out the blocks. She's so good at balancing a quilt! She's a natural.

What are your quilty goals for today?


Sara said...

Love yellow brick road. It goes together fast and really shows off fabric. I have made 5 of them as baby gifts. I have another one ready to cut out now for a boy using bug fabrics.

Kari said...

Hey there! Quilty Friend! I am the co-teacher! Yes, we are so excited! I am working on the two other kits- The class space is getting ready to get thready!!! Like Rumelquiltskin my quilting friends!!


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