Thursday, February 11, 2016

Practice, Practice, Practice

I'm working to finish up an old UFO. It's one of my mother's first quilts, and I told her I'd quilt it for her. Well, several years later...I've brought it out again. I just have a few more areas to quilt and I'll be finished.

The quilt is set on point and I finished the side triangles a long time ago. It's funny how much better I am today.
For the corner triangles, I am going to be putting in a filled in heart. I practiced on a scrap piece.

I think I like the outlined ones better. You can see there's something stuck on the batting, lol. That's why I used it up in a scrap piece.

My husband and kiddos bought me some flowers for Valentine's.
 I'm quite certain that my husband would have bought red roses, but my little daughter said she wanted white roses to remind me of my wedding dress. She's such a lovey!

Hope you're all having a quilty day!

1 comment:

Alycia said...

O htose are very pretty!! And hearts - perfect for Valentines day


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