Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Working on a Quilt-in-My-Head

So, I got this fat quarter pack and it's kind of Christmasy, but not too Christmasy. (I don't like Christmasy fabric AT ALL.) I saw a quilt online and then I couldn't find it again, so I thought I could make it anyway.

I made all negative 9-patches rather than positive 9-patches.

When I put them on the design wall, I realized that there was nothing I could do with them, lol. Nothing that I could figure out, anyway.

So I went looking for another quilt to make.

I found this one at allpeoplequilt. It's a pattern for a quilt called Suite Dream.

So, I've converted my 9-patches to 16-patches.

I may or may not follow the pattern, but I think I will make the border the same.

Hope you're having a quilty day.


treadlemusic said...

I must encourage you to 'go for it'!!!! I love the 16 patch idea and your colors are stunning (the border is an awesome idea!!!). Looking forward to future updates on this one!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

barbara woods said...

i commented below u on a blog so came to check you out. following you bu email now. I am kind of a quilt blog stalker, love to read them . I am a quilter to


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