Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What I'm Working On

I haven't blogged in SO long and I've been busy, busy, busy!

I went to two weekend quilting getaways since January.

The first one was in beautiful Medora, and the second one, a few weeks ago, was in Minot.

I took classes from a wonderful local teacher and also a national teacher, Pat Speth of Nickel Quilts fame. She does ALL her quilts from 5" squares. It's amazing what she can do with a 5" square!!

Here's the quilt I started at her class and then finished to the floppy stage.

This is a quilt called Labor Day Stars and it was pretty fun!

And here's a picture of the quilt that I'm working on now from Heather Anka's book, Living Large 2. There are some wonderful quilts in there, and this is the one I'm working on now.

I hope to finish the half-sections today and maybe start putting it together this evening at Stitchin' Sisters.

Can't wait!


Anonymous said...

I was beginning to think the earth had swallowed you up!!! Your quilt is gorgeous!! I love that pattern and will have to investigate further. The 2nd is totally intriguing, also. I haven't seen that pattern/book before. I am trying to clear out some of my books/publications as my sewing room is a bit over run with stuff I just don't use. I seem to go to the 'puter for info/patterns more than magazines, etc, but I may have to re-think this with these 2 ideas! Wow!.....2 retreats!! Inspiring for sure! Glad to see you're back on the 'grid'!! Hugs, Doreen

Bonnie said...

It's pretty sad when I recognize a designer's house. I love her stuff. I have made at least one of her quilts. And she thinks of different ways to make quilts that are so doable...ie, no Y seams. I haven't read her blog recently. I'll have to go check it out as she was pg when I last checked. I'm looking forward to seeing your quilt as it grows!


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