Monday, July 23, 2012

Design Wall Monday, July 23, 2012

On my design wall this morning are sample blocks for the quilt I'm making for my nephew's wedding in a couple of weeks.

The bigger pinwheel block is call "Chubby Pinwheels" in the pattern which I find hilarious. The small pinwheels are 3" finished.

The pattern is called "Blue Me Away," and I think it's going to be fun...much easier than Todd's wedding quilt is turning out to be, lol.

Make sure you find out what everyone else is up to at Judy's.


Jamie in Louisiana said...

I am so excited to see your "Blue Me Away"!!! I have now made 3 of them and never get tired of the cute little pinwheels. Can't wait to see your finished project!

Rhonda said...

I've never heard of "Blue Me Away" but will be researching it on Google for sure. It sounds and looks like something fun. Thanks for the heads-up.

Vicki said...

love the blocks and they will make such a nice gift. I am a big fan of the chubby pinwheels!!

Debbie said...

Love that pattern! Sometimes the simplest elements make the most striking quilts.

Kate said...

Love the name, quite appropriate. Very pretty blocks.


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